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Per "Pierre"  Jørgensen

The quality of copy will only be on the radar for decision makers who insist on measuring. If the benchmark for the site's quality is whether internal stakeholders and a self-selected subset of vocal customer feel it looks good, there is no incentive to spend money on improving non-sexy elements like copy.

There's a disparity of supply, too: You'll easily find designers and programmers who can string together workmanlike but grammatically adequate sentences, while it's much more difficult to find a writer whose copy sings and who can also put together an adequate layout. That means you'll need to budget two FTEs for a great result when one would buy you an average result.

Unless the executive site owner's year-end objectives include conversion rates, she's unlikely to take the risk of defending that extra cost. A much more likely and common scenario is that the site is judged on looks and traffic volume instead.

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