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Mike Sigers

I'm never surprised when an employee of a national chain says to stay away from their website. They don't get paid to sign people up as customers, but as you said, they should.

In my company, whenever we find a new customer, their sales stay with me, their salesman, no matter which of our 17 offices they buy from.

Much better for me and much better that they know they can always call me and have me as an advocate...to get rid of silly fees placed on them by someone who doesn't get paid to sell, but wants to teach those slimy customers a lesson by jacking their invoice with crazy stuff.

Your idea is right on the money...which is why nobody will ever use it. Too simple and makes too much sense.

Maybe if you made it convoluted and of no value to the customer....

Tim Whelan

Now I have never personally had to deal with a salesman quite like that. However, you’re right about the track back code on a card. Enhancing and rewarding your employees to serve is such a logical idea. It is in the creating of the ultimate customer experience where both sides win.

The emphasis should always be on the customer never on the sale. How old school this is in their approach to retaining customer loyalty. Apparently josbank.com isn't familiar with the customer first, and the building of relationships first approach. I find that most online companies or companies with an online store are quite short sighted in their perspective of the customer experience and long term customer value.

Roger Lipton

Well I have to say I am a customer of Jos A Bank and let me tell you I went to my local store in Brookfield then I went to the store at the MAYFAIR mall. WHAT a difference this guys at the mall have competition and I was there with my father and we later found out that the salesman miss quoted himself because he said a traveler shirt does not shrink. Ohh but it did and he says " the traveler shirt is the best shirt made in America" I can not believe he said that! nevertheless my father liked this guys presentation so we copped 1 then we GOT told we could have saved money if we would have got two of them. The store in Brookfield is much more CALM. I too have been told directly "do not buy anything from the computer (Internet)" but if you look at the Internet they have pants signature quality for $39.99 sometimes you will not find that price in the store because the price is always lower when you purchase two pants! oh what a scheme. I have been in sales since 1996 and they I think have a % based commission scale similar to BACHRACH 600,000 to 700,000 they get 6.5% at 700,001 to 800,000 they get 7.5% at 800,001 to 900,000 they get aprox 8.5% 900,001 to 1,000,000 they get 10% and above with bonuses along the way. Yes it seems like a good system but I still think they have alot of turn over in the stores. The guys I see in that store are always calling somebody to tell them about a sale or some promotion they have. I have also been told never buy a Signature GOLD suit because it is not strong and will crap up ! so I said my piece. and I am out. PS I have a 100% cashmere top coat and it was trashed in 7 months they did nothing for me they said "Well thats cashmere."


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