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Again thanks for a nice article.

Still in today's marketplace company's continue to create product without first identifying segment or need. As a consultant I find this especially true within the IT industry as they continue to superimpose their outstanding business wisdom on the businesses of the world. The wisdom was a tongue in cheek thing if you didn’t guess. Look at the continuing dot com failures incase you need help or that of CRM, ERP and others.

In any case that's another whole story. Point is that there is a significant amount of businesses that along with their marketing partners ignore need for the sake of product. Customer centric is still a bitter pill for much of the industry to swallow and they are reluctant to let loose of the idea that marketing and branding dictate the position and relevance of need.

I'm glad to see you are of different mind. That is partially why you are on my blog roll.

Even at that product and need are separate. Product may be designed to fit a need but it never fits all the need and rarely fills perception of the product offered by the marketing team.

Each is unique and it is the marketing team that helps the customer to understand the value of the product. Product design should be accomplished through research and need analysis but rarely fills the same void as need. Overlap at times yes and this is the beauty behind someone who cares about the customer first, unless it is by accident of course.


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