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You had me smilling. The one singular problem is that with the onset of computer technology, CRM, order systems, and remote phone centers those who should care and those who would be normally involved in the inline order process are now removed. Our decision making is now in the hands of automated junk. The incridible thing here is that this IT junk is designed by people who haven't a clue about business or business processes let alone customer management. Less 5% of the IT developers have any kind of biz degree and less than 3% of that have any mid level experience managing outside of an IT firm. Need I go further. Customer service took a big kick in the mmmm because of this now dependency on computer generated data and analytics designed by people who haven't a clue. People make decisions based on this artificially induced intellegence and lulls the organizations to sleep. What a mess. Managers need to get off their butts and back into the interactive stream and make a difference. 10:1 the call center was contracted as an outsource initiative and probably has never seen the web order system. The web order system was probably outsoucred to IT company who has no clue about customer interaction and the good management that should know probably has never used the order system. Good article it further exposes a trend on the false provado the new brave world has brought. Don't get me wrong here, IT has its place as support systems not replacement systems.

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