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Your statement "An organization's Delight Factor is much more than aiming to please, it's about absolutely blowing away the customer in delight." is right on Robert.

Thanks for it!

It relates to my definition of 'customer service'. Please let me know if you'd like to see it.


Steve Skolnick

While the Gap goth this right, there is plenty in the "unkown to the merchant" about their Gap credit card. While a credit card with the Gap logo provides minor income, the incompetents that manage it for them are doing permanent damage to their brand.

Jeffrey Eisenberg

I think it's GE Financial services manages the card program for the Gap. I bet they sell the concept as "brand enhancing" as well as revenue generating. These huge companies allow so much to fall through the cracks beacuse they underestimate the impact of these "small" interactions at numerous touch points on the customer.


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