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Acidentally, I just picked up my copy of Call to Action about an hour ago. :)

Thomas Holmes

Hi Bryan,

Welcome back - looking forward to seeing all the new stuff!

On the index for the paperback - is there an index for the hardback edition? I have the book highlighted from start to finish. But whenever I want to find anything I end up spending ages flicking back and forth.

An index would be a god send!

Jeffrey Eisenberg

Thomas, We only created the index for the paperback. We weren't very proud of the hardcover. This edition is hugely improved.

Thomas Holmes

Hi Jeffrey,

The hardcover is excellent - so many reasons to be proud!

What a wealth of accumulated knowedge it is - will have to check out the paperback if it's even better!

Paul Boomer

The new Call to Action is very impressive and certainly represents Future Now in a different and more powerful way! I’ve bought a few copies for those who’ll truly appreciate it.
Congratulations on your whirlwind tour of the world for Cat Barking.

Thomas Holmes

Wow! Have you seen the price of Persuasive Online Copywriting!


Supply and demand in action :-)

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