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René Dechamps Otamendi

Hi John,

While I understand your comments, I have to say that I disagree with them. You can read my answer to your post in our blog:


Dread Pirate Robert

Speaking of conversion rates, and I'm not sure if you'll be able to speak to my question, but I received an email saying that Grokdotcom was about to delete from their mailing list anyone who doesn't respond to their last newsletter.

Is this correct or did I misread it?

If so, I can see how this might increase your conversion rate (by culling the herd, so to speak), but at what cost?

I'm very interested in the results of this experiment, since it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. (Imagine, tossing out your mailing list! The horror!)

Looking forward to the test results,


Mike McDerment

Geez I hope that Grok piece is not true...I certainly did not see that and I would hate to think I get axed because of it... sometimes I'm too busy to read every newsletter...it does not mean I don't want them to keep coming, it just means sometimes I am too busy to read them...

Gordon Montgomery

"no amount of analytics crunching that is going to tell you why people come to your site."

Right on the money! But it seems too many analyst's money is tied up in fancy smoke and mirrors 'numbers' to admit that they are really just shotgunning the market with a pseudo-science weapon - namely a 'user experience/marketing' survey.


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